Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 08:33:40 -0800

Okay, so I finally broke down and decided to try out the
new kid on the block search engine after all the discussion
on FoRK [1] and press on Salon [2] to see if it actually
works. I search on +FoRK and it returns everything on
geography and eating utensils.

So much for Stanford geniusi.


[2] No I don't read Salon, it was pointed to from GMSV [a]
"They're not all lemmings: While many
search engines look exactly alike, with their
news headlines, stock quotes and
horoscopes, there are a few who break
away from the herd. AskJeeves is one, but
the latest is three-month-old,
Stanford-born, algorithm-using"
[aside: incidentally,
the link to on this page
actually went to [2] instead of the
real search engine. How's that for
spoofing? CERT issues a warning on IP spoofing,
but in reality it's no more dangerous than
putting your birthdate into a portal
horoscope just so the advertisers can figure
out your profile and sell it to people.