ASIS Bulletin articles on Digital Libraries

Jim Whitehead (
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 14:24:57 -0800

This month's ASIS Bulletin <>
has three articles detailing the US Digital Libraries Initiative, Phase 2

In "Digital Libraries Initiative (DLI) Projects 1994-1999",
<>, Edward A. Fox provides an
overview of the program, and a breakdown of the program in several ways,
showing which PIs received what funding (table 1), the kinds of disciplines
that are involved (anthropology, fine arts, history, sociology, and more,
listed in table 2), the kinds of content studied, and who is studying them
(table 3), and which universities are investigating which topics within the
program (table 4).

In Digital Libraries Initiative Phase 2: Fiscal Year 1999 Awards,
<>, Stephen M. Griffin gives
a precis of each major program funded under DLI-2. In summary, they provide
an overview of the program.

In my experience, it is fairly unusual to have such a public description of
the PIs and their funding levels for a major program.

- Jim