Re: Last FoRKCon of 1999: Raleigh, North Carolina, US

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Thu, 23 Dec 1999 10:18:50 -0500

I'll be there, inhalers in tow.

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Date: Thursday, December 23, 1999 2:13 AM
Subject: Last FoRKCon of 1999: Raleigh, North Carolina, US

>All right, friends, this is IT! The last FoRKCon of the year.
>(And anyone who claims it's the last one of the millenium, or
>of the XXth Century, gets to wash the dishes. Twice.)
>To be held:
>When: Monday 27 December 1999, 18H00 EST
>Where: Our place, 7824 Mayfaire Crest Lane, Apt 202 (directions below)
>Why: Who knows?
>Food: Baked potatoes with various toppings, plus whatever gets
> brought.
>Rohit: Maybe. Feel free to bring a Rohit effigy just in case he
> can't make it.
>IMPORTANT: We *do* require an RSVP by Sunday (26 December) night,
>and an indication of whether you smoke or not. This is so we can
>cook enough potatoes, break out enough chairs, and warn the
>IMPORTANT: We have four (4) cats. They'll be locked up in the
>bedroom, but if you're allergic we do NOT have adrenaline on hand.
>IMPORTANT: We live in an apartment complex and close-by parking
>spaces are jealously sought. Be a sport and park at the other
>end of the car park and leave the spots close to the buildings for
>the people who live here, eh?
>We live in Summit Mayfaire Apartments, on Lead Mine Road in North
>Coming from North and West:
>o Take I-40E to I-540E; go to the end (the Leesville Road exit)
>o Turn right, and go straight through three traffic lights.
> (The road changed from Leesville to Strickland after the first
> light.) The third light should be Creedmoor Road; if it isn't,
> then I probably forgot a light. But I don't think so.
>o Go for about a mile, and turn right onto Lead Mine. The
> intersection is at the bottom of a hill, and Lead Mine ends
> there (i.e., it's a 3-way intersection). If you pass a transmission
> tower or come to a shopping plaza you've gone too far.
>o Follow Lead Mine for almost *exactly* one (1) mile. Summit
> Mayfaire is on the right, the last right before the convenience
> store and the traffic light (neither of which are visible from
> where you need to turn ;-).
>o See below for the rest.
>Coming from the airport:
>o Exit the airport and follow the signs to I-540E. Then follow the
> directions above.
>Coming from the South:
>o Take the Beltline (I-440) to the Glenwood Avenue/US-70 exit; go
> North.
>o Take your first right (*after* the BP station) onto Lead Mine.
>o Follow Lead Mine for approximately one (1) mile or perhaps a bit
> less, and bear right to stay on Lead Mine. I don't know how to
> describe this fork except to say it's the first (and only) one,
> is clearly marked, and you'll pass a Greek Orthodox church on
> your right immediately after taking it.
>o Go through four (4) traffic lights. The last one is by a
> convenience store. Get into the suicide lane after going through
> the fourth light; Summit Mayfaire is your first left turn.
>o See below for the rest.
>Once at Summit Mayfaire:
>o Turn right after entering the complex. (The alternatives are to
> turn left or to incur structural damage.)
>o Turn left.
>o Straight ahead is a basketball court. The building to the
> *right* of the court is ours. Now that you know where it is,
> be nice and go park somewhere away from the buildings and then
> walk back.
>o Back already? Cool. Go up one flight of stairs; ours is the
> first door on the right.
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