Help, I need the buzzword meter! (Plus, N4K.)

Adam Rifkin -4K (
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 02:11:37 -0800 (PST)

Rob Harley, check out this press release. I hear they have a giant
buzzword accelerator at Inria that *might* be able to withstand the
hyperbuzz field generated by reading the following aloud. Perhaps they
can explain how the following piece of bullsh was able to pop BLSW's
stock by more than 40% since the press release. (Hey, even after this
run it's "only" a $300 million company... and they've trademarked the
term "XML Suite"?! Heeeeey.... maybe we should patent "XML Bitter",
"XML Salty", "XML Chocolate Salty Balls", "X Mmmmmmmgood L"... the
possibilities are limitless! :)

[Memo to Rohit: Nasdaq Composite hit 4K for the first time ever intraday
today. Wherever you go, 4K is there...]

Bolcer, can you BELIEVE how many buzzwords are in this release?
Anyone want to try to count them all?

> Bluestone's Total-E-Business(TM) Wins Most Innovative E-business
> Application At Giga Emerging Technology Scene; Bluestone Named as
> Leading IT Innovator for Second Consecutive Year Recognizing Innovation
> of Real-Time Integration of Mobile Devices, Java, JSP, XML, and XSL
> NOTE TO MEDIA: Photo is available in a Smart News Release(TM) on
> Business Wire's Home Page at
> MOUNT LAUREL, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 13, 1999--Bluestone(R)
> Software, Inc., (Nasdaq: BLSW, news, msgs), a leading provider of
> Enterprise Interaction Management software, today announced Bluestone's
> Total-e-Business(TM) product suite was voted the most innovative product
> in the "Behind the Scenes of E-Business Applications" category at Giga
> Information Group's Emerging Technology Scene. The products were
> evaluated in a stringent competition of live on-stage demonstrations of
> evolving new products, based on their level of innovation, business
> application potential, and overall quality.
> Bluestone won each of the three levels of competition and "overall best
> product" in its category by demonstrating the power of wireless device
> access in its Total-e-Business product suite. Incorporating wireless
> devices from Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL, news, msgs) and
> Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM, news, msgs), the eight-minute live, all wireless
> Total-e-Business demonstration illustrated the business advantage of
> real-time integration and data exchange with mobile device users and the
> feasibility of uniting devices with all corporate database, legacy and
> e-business applications based on J2EE platforms, including JavaServer
> Pages (JSPs), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and Extensible
> Stylesheet Language (XSL).
> For the Total-e-Business demonstration, a Bluestone representative went
> into the conference audience and -- using the ruggedized Symbol SPT 1740
> RF PalmPilot -- scanned the bar-coded name tag of a randomly selected
> attendee and entered the attendee's cell phone number. Using Bluestone's
> ConXML application software, the scanned data was converted to XML and
> uplinked via wireless protocols to a Symbol Spectrum24 Wireless LAN
> receiver connected to the Total-e-Business server. Total-e-Business
> software, including the Sapphire/Web(R) Application Server and XML
> Suite(TM) Integration Server, automatically personalized the data and
> displayed the attendee's name on a Web page. At the same time, the name
> was sent to a separate room (simulating an off-site manufacturing
> facility) where the name was custom printed onto a t-shirt.
> Simultaneously, the Total-e-Business software sent an email to an
> on-stage Qualcomm PDQ Smart Phone, which dialed the cell phone of the
> randomly selected conference attendee with notification of the
> customized t-shirt's completion.
> The demonstration illustrated the importance of wireless data capture
> and integration, personalization, distribution and utilization of data
> to a company's e-business strategy. With Total-e-Business, organizations
> can communicate between existing corporate systems, LANs, WANs and radio
> frequency (RF) protocols to leverage a myriad of devices and incorporate
> them into their e-business infrastructures.
> Added John H. Capobianco, senior vice president of worldwide marketing
> at Bluestone, "Winning at the Giga Emerging Technology Scene for the
> second year in a row illustrates Bluestone's commitment to delivering to
> our customers cutting-edge technology solutions that businesses need
> today. As the platform for e-business, Total-e-Business provides a
> fault-tolerant, high performance environment that allows businesses to
> enhance productivity, revenue generation and cost savings through the
> integration of wireless technologies to their e-business
> infrastructure."
> Participants in the Emerging Technology Scene were selected through a
> competitive submission and review process conducted by a team of Giga
> analysts. The award recipients were determined by audience polling
> during the conference.
> About Giga Information Group's Emerging Technology Scene
> The Emerging Technology Scene is a dynamic showcase for innovative IT
> solutions where timed, live product demonstrations are presented to, and
> critically evaluated by, analysts, a high-level audience of CIOs, senior
> level end-users and investors. The event focuses on cutting-edge
> solutions for the year 2000 in five technology areas--E-business
> applications, enterprise Web infrastructure, enabling the connected
> worker, desktop and devices, and customer-centric E-business solutions.
> The unique format includes analysis from Giga analysts on current and
> future IT trends, previews of innovative new products and technologies,
> evaluation from a panel of senior-level IT end-users, and live
> electronic audience polling.
> About Bluestone's Total-e-Business
> Total-e-Business combines best-of-breed components for content
> management, personalization, and e-commerce with Bluestone's
> award-winning Sapphire/Web(R) Application Server infrastructure and
> Bluestone XML Suite(TM) Integration Server based on the J2EE platform,
> including JSP and XML standards. Total-e-Business makes a company's
> e-business a vital and seamless extension of its overall business
> strategy by consolidating all e-business interactions with business
> partners, suppliers, vendors, customers, and employees. By providing a
> global-class e-business platform, companies can place fundamental
> business control of the e-business enterprise in the hands of business
> experts, allowing IT personnel to concentrate on technology excellence.
> About Bluestone Software, Inc.
> Bluestone(R) Software, Inc. is a leading provider of Enterprise
> Interaction Management software. Companies deploying Internet Commerce
> applications like ARI, Conexant (formerly Rockwell Semiconductor),
> Dreyfus Corp., Eli Lilly, MCI WorldCom, Reliance National, and Time Inc.
> depend on Bluestone Sapphire/Web(R) and Bluestone XML Suite(TM)
> Application Server frameworks to integrate business applications into
> Web-enabled environments, manage information interactions, and exchange
> data with employees, partners, and customers. Bluestone is headquartered
> at 1000 Briggs Road, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, 08054-4101, (856)
> 727-4600. For more information about Bluestone, please call
> 888-Bluestone, visit, or e-mail
> Editor's Note: Artwork showing diagram of Bluestone's Total-e-Business
> wireless device demonstration is available at
> in the Press Room, from in a Smart News
> Release, or upon request from Bluestone's media contacts.
> Bluestone and Sapphire/Web are registered trademarks, and
> Total-e-Business and Bluestone XML Suite are trademarks of Bluestone
> Software, Inc. All other names, brands or products may be trademarks or
> registered trademarks of their respective owners.
> Certain statements in this press release constitute forward looking
> statements as such term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation
> Reform Act of 1995. Forward looking statements involve known and unknown
> risks, uncertainties and other factors, including those contained in
> Bluestone's publicly filed reports with the Securities and Exchange
> Commission, which may cause Bluestone's actual results, performance, or
> achievements or those of its customers or its industry to be materially
> different from the future results, performance or achievements expressed
> or implied by these forward looking statements. Specifically, the
> Company's beliefs with respect to the business opportunities presented
> by e-business and the Company's ability to profitably market and deploy
> its Total-e-Business solution may prove to be inaccurate. In light of
> the significant uncertainties inherent in these forward looking
> statements, the information in this press release should not be
> considered a representation by the Company or any other person that
> Bluestone's objectives and plans will be achieved.


Two and a half million?! All right, but wait till you see the *SECOND*