The SOAP Hoax

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From: Udhay Shankar N (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 19:50:29 PDT

The SOAP Hoax
An anonymous source from Microsoft revealed today that the SOAP standard is
a hoax. According to the source, SOAP has been a Microsoft in-joke for
over a year.
"We invented the name during an all-night drinking session late last
year. It was one of those `think of how we can fool all those clueless
developers out there' things that got out of hand."
According to the source, joking about using SOAP with the Back Office
platform to access objects "had us rolling in the aisles" at a recent
presentation by a head programmer in his division. "No one at the company
can believe that the hoax has gotten this far," our source said.
The correspondence soon degraded into slander about "those clueless Apache
f!@#$#s" and "we WILL crush you Linux, bwahhahha, just like Netscape, crush
you like a bug!!".
The anonymous source, who signed the email 'BG^H^HWG', said that Microsoft
is planning to reveal the hoax at an XML developers conference in Perth,
Western Australia, next month. "No one will believe those stupid
Australians," the email read. "Then when the truth finally comes out, we
can deny all responsibility."
Posted on Mon 02 Oct 06:56:17 2000 PDT
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