House doubles H1 Visa Fees

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 17:51:28 PDT

Can't believe I beat Joe Feise with these bits...


"Lawmakers Vote to Double Fees for H-1B Visas"

The House of Representatives on Friday unanimously approved a bill that
doubles the fees high-tech firms pay for H-1B visas to $1,000, with the
extra money expected to provide $200 million in technology education for the
American workforce over the next three years. Congress intended to raise the
fee in conjunction with the legislation approved by both houses last week to
raise the annual H-1B visa cap. The fee increase was postponed because
Congress needed to act quickly to boost the number of visas, but the House
passed a separate bill on Friday to double the H-1B fee. The Senate is
likely to approve the fee increase soon as well. The high-tech industry is
pleased that the visa cap has been raised, and does not object to the
increased fees.

Of course it would have been far too easy to spend this money on improving
the INS...

- Jim

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