Should I drop acid before P2Ping?

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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 11:42:34 PDT

I am, like many others, swirling in confusion over P2P.

I just got invited to keynote a conference on P2P, also called a summit (not
O'Reilly) and said yes, of course, I like to speak at conferences, and I've
never had the chance to address a summit (I suspect it's a lot like a

Anyway, I read the background material, and of course they break P2P down
into two parts. Napster and SETI. Then they drill into those, and throw
every dead buzzword of the last two decades into the soup. I imagine that
there's going to be an attempt at a serious discussion about these. (Agents
keep coming back, thank you Alan Kay.)

So here's my question for the FoRK list..

Should I drop acid before I go this summit, or should I have one of my own
and only invite cynics?

(And give them Kool-Aid before they speak.)

Such problems!!


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