blood donation obsolete ?

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From: Udhay Shankar N (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 02:08:17 PDT

Yow! This sounds like fun. I understand they are awaiting FDA approval.


Oxygent is an intravascular oxygen carrier ("blood substitute") designed to
temporarily augment oxygen delivery in patients at risk of acute tissue
oxygen deficit due to either transient anemia, blood loss, or ischemia
(inadequate oxygenation resulting from blood flow abnormalities). Oxygent
is compatible with all blood types, has a shelf-life of up to two years, is
sterilized, and is produced in Alliance's commercial-scale manufacturing
facility using an economical, efficient, proprietary process. Phase 3
clinical (human) studies have been completed in Europe and are ongoing in
the U.S.

Is Oxygent a "blood substitute"?
Oxygent is a "blood substitute" in the sense that it mimics the gas
transport function of the red blood cells, which contain a protein called
hemoglobin that is responsible for delivering oxygen and removing carbon
dioxide from the tissues of the body.
There are no products on the market or in development that can substitute
for all the functions of blood provided by the red cells, platelets, white
blood cells, and plasma proteins.

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