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From: Rohit Khare (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 19:16:46 PDT

[Patent pending, too! -- RK]
[ Monday, October 23, 2000 ]

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I occasionally find sites where I wonder what in the world someone
was thinking when they decided to finance this: BodyPerks. It says
"men love them, women envy them".

I hate to break it to you, but when I see a women with "party hats",
I certainly don't envy her. Nor do I think it looks particularly
sexy. I generally think, "that woman should get a sweater; she looks

The copy and marketing spiel on this site must be seen to be
believed. Too funny. (Do men seriously think it's sexy when women
walk around like that all day?)
The natural look is back!
Just look around, from your favorite magazine divas, to the stars on
television, women are showing-off their breasts with pride! bodyperks
is the latest fashion accessory for your breasts. They make you look
and feel wonderfully sassy. Give bodyperks a try - you'll be amazed
at the reaction.

What are bodyperks?
They are lightweight, natural colored, silicone nipples that you
insert into your bra and place directly on your own nipple. You can
create your own look and wear them with tight t-shirts, sexy halters,
dresses, twin sets, swimsuits and more.

One size fits all as bodyperks were crafted to produce just the right
amount of perkiness, regardless of breast size or shape. They will
enhance the beauty of your breasts with the illusion of natural,
erect nipples.

The possibilities for fun are endless!
Whether you're out on the town or playing volleyball, bodyperks
comfortably stay in place and give you the added attraction of
playful, fun breasts. You'll feel and look sexy!

Give your natural assets a lift - try bodyperks today! Only $19.95
plus shipping and handling.

2000 bodyperks. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy
Patent Pending

It's a noticeable difference!
The second you place bodyperks over your nipples you'll notice the
sexy enhancement to your nipples and breasts. It's simple! Your
breasts will have a playful look without the need for cosmetic
surgery or uncomfortable push-up bras. bodyperks will make you look
and more importantly feel sexy. Look how great these look in a
swimming suit.

2000 bodyperks. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy
Patent Pending

Men love nipples!
We hate to sound sexist, but it's true. Just ask any guy. So read on
and find out how well bodyperks have worked for others. We think
you'll agree that bodyperks are a fun way to compliment the beauty
that is already in you.

Get noticed - they did!
These are just some of the many responses we've gotten from bodyperks
customers! We love them because they're honest and they let us know
that bodyperks can make a difference.

The first time I wore them, a handsome man stopped me and declared he
was "ready to give me his paycheck for the rest of his life!" What
can I say except thanks!
       Lorrie, 42
       Las Vegas, NV

           Every time I wear them, I have an adventure. So whenever the
mood strikes me, I put them on for another journey. I love them.
       Lily, 34
       New York City, NY

I went out with four girlfriends and we all wore them. We never
laughed and flirted so much. We even tried to repeat the experience
without "our nips" but it just wasn't the same. Forever yours!
       Nicole, 21
       Scottsdale, AZ

           The first time I wore them, my friends thought I lost weight,
cut my hair or somehow looked different. When I told them they just
died laughing, however I have made converts of all!
       Sally, 37
       Dallas, TX

I love to look sassy and I love to be in charge of my compliments.
Thanks to bodyperks, I can do that.
       Paula, 27
       St. Paul, MN

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