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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 03:13:53 PPET

Eirikur Hallgrimsson writes:
> Woo hoo! Game consoles finally reach (and may exceed) parity with
> general purpose PCs! That Nintendo Cube sounds like it would run

On paper only. I'm glad eDRAM is catching on, but only 2+1 MBytes?

The float performance is nice, admittedly, as is 24 MBytes of
SRAM. But where is FastEthernet, or FireWire? And a *proprietary*
optical drive?

A good gamer's PC will always outperform a dedicated game station,
albeit at a (much) higher price. Consider the release date (October
2001 in the US). By that time a good gamer's machine will probably
have a CPU with ~2 GHz clock, 128 MBytes VRAM (possibly, some of it
embedded) and about half a gigabyte of 266 DDR SRAM.

> Mac OS X with a little bit of porting. I hereby predict that
> LinuxPPC will be running on it by the time its shipping in volume.
But you have to press it on these proprietary 8 cm disks.

> Hmmmm, a William Gibson near future in which grade-school kids are
> running bootleg hacked Mac OS X server on their Nintendo boxes in

OS X running on 40 MBytes, and no swap? Doubtful.

> order to trade games via Gnutella.
> Eirikur

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