Re: NY Times: Napster users mourn end of free music

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From: Bill Humphries (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 23:26:35 PPET

At 9:37 PM -0800 10/31/00, Dave Winer wrote:
> Napster fan who posted an anonymous note on an Internet message board yesterday afternoon may have best articulated the reaction of the music-swapping service's users to the news that they may no longer be able to use Napster to copy as much music as they want, free:

Have you looked at eMusic's 'unlimited plan,' all the music you care to download at from $10 to $15 a month?

I'm trying it now and have been happy with the variety. They have the complete Elvis Costello catalog, TMBG and others.

-- whump

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