Florida vote count weirdness

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From: Robert S. Thau (rst@ai.mit.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 08:03:32 PPET

The final totals for the recount are now in: Bush by less than 400,
pending absentee ballots. But there's a very weird pattern in the
totals by county, if you look at them at


From eyeballing this chart, the vast majority of the net change in the
totals came from a very few counties where the change was heavily
imabalanced in favor of Gore, with the bulk in just two:

  Palm Beach - net change +643
  Pinellas --- net change +478
  Duval --- net change +168
  Gadsden --- net change +163
  Polk --- net change +129

The highest changes in favor of Bush were

  Martin --- net change -105
  Seminole --- net change -98 ---- (FWIW, last county to report)

No other county that I can spot had as much as a fifty vote net change
in favor of Bush. Note also that there were counties as populous as
many of these (Hillsboro, Miami-Dade, Broward(!)) where the shifts
weren't nearly as big, less than 50 --- some of which may have to do
with what equipment is used where, to be sure.

Even so, I am at a loss to explain how you generate numbers this
skewed by rolling fair dice of any description; am I nuts, or is this
statistical evidence of irregularity in the initial vote count ("let's
just not count these ballots here")?

Oh, BTW, speaking of absentee ballots,


In 1998, Xavier Suarez was kicked out of the mayor's office after a
jury found a pattern fraud in absentee ballots. Now he sits on the
executive committee of the Miami-Dade Republican Party, in which
capacity he "helped ... enlist Republican absentee voters" in this

You couldn't make this stuff up...


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