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From: dcgdjnwxeh@france-mail.com
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 04:45:32 PST

That's right it's a fact we have over 1,000 locations that do just that and have been in business for over 30 years. As of this date we have delivered almost 4 million Body Wraps around the world with a guarantee!

Now, here's some exciting news about how you can become part of this incredible Body Wrap business and reap the huge profits from your slice of the 6 Billion dollar beauty business, without any previous experience.

How much can I really make?

The first fact to take into consideration is that 67% of our 1,000 locations do over 100 wraps per month and 32% do over 300 wraps per month. They set their own prices for the wrap and most charge from $85 to $150 per wrap in the United States.

It's important to understand that this is NOT a "Buff & Fluff" wrap that just makes someone "feel" like they are doing something about their bodies. The difference is our Body Wrap really works! Factually the average loss is 17". This Wrap is the secret that Hollywood has kept for years. Some of the big named stars pay thousands to take a "Wrap Technician" with them on location when they are shooting a movie and must loose some unwanted inches off their bodies.

Let me continue, if you just take the lowest price you should charge for a wrap, which is $85 and you subtract $15, which is your cost for the materials you end up with a gross profit of $70 for each wrap you do. Now, it takes about 15 minutes to wrap someone and, they stay in the wrap doing mild aerobics for an hour. During this time a good "Wrap Technician" can wrap another person. In other words when you wrap 2 people an hour and net $70 for each wrap you are making $140 per hour. As a note, some of our start-ups begin wrapping in their current location because the wrap can be done in a space as small as an office. Others start off in a complete "Body Wrap Shop.

Now let's follow the profit a little further. If you were to do only 5 wraps per day at a profit of $70 per wrap, you would net a profit of $350 per day or $1,750 per week, working just 5 days. Now you do the math that's $91,000.00 income per year according to my calculator.

If you are making more that $91,000.00 a year then maybe you don't need to go into this business. However, if you are sick and tired of ending your week with just enough money to get by and if you don't change something you will spend the rest of your life with just enough to survive, then you should call today!

We are now offering a package that includes your own "Exclusive Territory" (where you are the only one who can deliver this wrap to the public), two weeks of "Professional Training" to ensure your success, during which you will get a lot of wraps and give a lot of wraps, and your body will become the best testimonial of how the wrap works.

This is an exciting fun business, because your customers will get excited when they can fit into jeans that just an hour before they had to lay down to zip up.

The "Exclusive Territorial Rights" are granted only to those who qualify. Many territories have already been taken. Call and we'll check to make sure that the "Territory" you want is still available and determine whether you qualify.

CALL NOW: 1-800-821-1816

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