Re: SERIOUS PROPOSAL: Let's all vote again

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From: Sandor Spruit (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 04:58:33 PST


On Friday, November 10, 2000, 7:51:02 PM, you wrote:

Mike> <sarcasm>Because I'm sure this isn't being passed around to
Mike> enough people.</sarcasm> Before you start yelling, look at the
Mike> damn attachment.

Duh. What a disappointment. You'd say most of the people on this list
know there checkboxes. For someone with even the slightest bit of
experience with user interfaces, I think it's obvious there's lots of
room for improvement wrt the ballots shown on tv :(

I wouldn't dare to create any user interface that resembles the
ballot. You'd pick the wrong button before you know what's happened.
Those who claim you'd have to be stupid to pick the wrong candidate
probably never looked at any examples in human factors books.

I once read a story about someone anxiously looking for the "undo"
button in real life, e.g. when she broke a vase. I guess this is the
exact same kind of situation. But hey, I'm a Dutchie and have nothing
to do with this election :)


ir A.G.L. Spruit, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Institute of information and computing sciences
"There is a bit of magic in everything, and then some
loss to even things out" (from: Lou Reed, "Magic and Loss")

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