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From: Sophie Maddox (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 22:00:30 PST

Jeff Bone <> wrote:
> Since when did we get all these socialists on this list? Sophie, Tony,
> Damien... who else? Some of these folks have been on here a while,
what's the
> deal guys, closet pink? Rohit, is this some kind of a cruel prank? Do
we need
> FoRK-Left?

>Who let the pinko commies out of the pen? What's next,
>mullet-wearing foaming-at-the-mouth feminazis?

<wiping foam from mouth> Socialist? Wow Jeff you could have been on Joe
Macarthy's committee for Un-Amerian activities. Btw commies are out,
democracy is in. I happen to agree with you--I will probably regret it,
but I agree socialized medicine or anything else socialized doesn't work.
But I wasn't talking about socialized medicine I was talking about
medicare. More about medicare and senior citizens. It's not that medicare
won't pay for something and sometimes it won't, it's finding the doctors
who will accept it. They say they're not reimbursed enough, which then
puts the burden on the patient who has to pay out of pocket or sign up for
medicare + plan. Which means they are still paying out of pocket because
it is a private company and so many seniors on fixed incomes can't afford
the premiums. The government takes 6% of our salary just as it does for
social security to insure by the time we get to 65 that we will be
covered. It isn't welfare. By the time we get to 65 who knows if there
will even be social security. What it comes down to is you are a
supporter of the HMO. You keep saying: "Say it with me: the market is
good, the market is your friend, the market is wise, the market solves
problems, the market is good..." You wouldn't have lots of stock in them,
would you Jeff? ;-) They're probably one the biggest businesses going. No
I am not a fan of the HMO. You still haven't given us your plan on how the
market is going to take care of this problem. Btw the man you said we
should follow more of--Tom J. He was a socialist. $-)


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