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From: Dave Long (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 08:47:17 PST

> So to all the gore people in OR and boarder states, after all your
> whinning and all your finger pointing and all your demanding I vote a
> certian way... I voted how i wanted and for who i wanted. Next time anyone
> steps up to tell me how that my vote "has" to be cast for so and so

This ties back in with the Game Theoretical Gandhism: Gandhi says
that when someone tries to force one's choice by setting it up as
the lesser of two evils, don't let them.

What he goes on to say is that following such a strategy at times
will involve the need to be strong enough to suck it up, and take
on the outcome of (short term) greater evil.

Is this willingness to sacrifice the immediate game in pursuit of
justice (not vengefulness) related to "turn the other cheek"?


(for the FoRK-posters who post trots: does this imply that if the
invisible hand acts with a lack of tact it's time to get broncy?)

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