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From: Josh Cohen (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 13:53:30 PST


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>Of course in Canada (and UK similar), since we don't elect our Prime
>Minister but instead elect Members of Parliament, only regions
>where the
>vote is very close need to recount to make sure that the right
>MP gets sent
>to Ottawa. Then the party with the most MPs has their leader
>become the PM.
>(I'm not sure what happens if two parties have equal MPs, but
>I suspect if
>those two parties couldn't form a coalition, a new election would be

I think the last sentence is telling when comparing the US to many other
major countries. In these other "coalition" governments, how do they
occur? Are the constitutions, or equivalents, set up to provide for that?
Seems to me that in the US, the idea of a party-coalition is so foreign
to most people. Im no expert, but with the "winner take all" pettiness
of the parties today, I can just see gore or bush laughing off their
chair if they were ever expected to concede even one bit to allow
for a coalition type gig.


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