Re: What, no Emergency Fabulizing in Seattle? !

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From: Antoun Nabhan (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 12:37:49 PST

> >Christie has massaged techies in this city for over seven years
>With oil, and if so, with olive, baby, or WD40?

Actually, it's a typo; she's "messaged" techies in the city for 7 yrs. :-)

Seriously, though, it's a great idea and a sad commentary on the zeitgeist
at the same time. So many Dockers-clad boys taking jobs that uproot them
and destabilize them, all on the assumption that this will make them
happier than the slow-career alternative. But once you've made the money,
you have to give it all to Christie so she can buy you...a life.

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