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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 15:03:46 PST

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]The problem for the Nader supporters wasn't that an evil system was
--]keeping them down. The problem was that, pre-election, they couldn't
--]persuade more than a tiny fraction (5%) of the voters that they were the
--]best choice. And when people finally got in the voting booth, half of
--]that 5% decided that the bird in the hand (Gore) was worth two in the
--]bush (revitalized Green party after four years of Bush). And if you want
--]to find ways to gain the loyalty of more of the American public, being a
--]spoiler in a race this tight wasn't it.

With two party loyalists that think like this its no wonder we get the
dumbfucks on the ballots and the dumberfucks who cant read the directions
on the ballot.

Instead of calling Nader a spoiler why dont you just admit the blind cold
fact that both your candidates couldnt drum up a majority of the elecorate
without resorting to legal voddo.

Instead of looking to lay blame on a third party why not examine the two
party one mess system that has slowly eroded the voting masses down to a
less common lessor of two eveil contest.

While other countrys have coalitions its evident that the mojority of
americans dont have either the brian cells or the testicular fortitude to
make up thier own minds from a wider range of choices.

Choices choices, oh my. We may have to think.

Gore supporters, Bush Supporters...all of em Athletic supporters hollding
up the schmegma gooed cancerous testicles of a once good idea.

Voting should not equte to "turn your head and cough"

UNtil the mass of the voter pool learns this we are stuck with fine
examples of voting logic like the above post. And if you challange thier
claims, well then your just being a spoiler.

yea, thats me, a spoiler. Come and bring it if you want. Im waiting.

(Lets not get into the gore camps "last minute" attempts to scare Nader
voters. Nice stunt, next time I will not heed my wifes warnings and I will
take a swipe at thier close minded little faces. Even with all the Gore
scare tactitc he couldnt pull off a good win. Win loose or draw gore and
his minions are not the "Golden Answer of all right thinking americans"
they set themselves up as. Id laugh if it werent so f'd up)

F fred
F jacky

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