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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 16:11:16 PST

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]They're not "my" candidates. I didn't say whom I voted for, and it's not
--]relevant to my argument at all.

Ownership is evident from providence.

--]I blame/credit Gore (& team) for Gore's loss; he ran a weak campaign.
--]But I also blame/credit Nader for Gore's loss, because that was his
--]explicitly-stated strategy at the end. He essentially said "I'm going to
--]spoil Gore's slim chances in order to galvanize people with a Bush term."

Bzzt, oh but that was so close. In the press conference of the morning
after nothing happened so loudly Nader was asked just that question by
some smug little gorist "how do you feel having possibly lost al gore the
election" To which Nader responded (in words not unlike these) " I think
it was Al Gore who lost me the election. BesidesI didint run to win Algore
the election"

You show me the words you think he siad , the ones where you so craftly
drew the "conclusion" that "I am goign to spoil goeres slim chance..blah
blah blah"

Sounds more to me like your pissed your golden boy didnt wins the nations
adoration and ceaseric support

--]It's not a "spoiler" in the sense you seem to mean it, which would be
--]Perot thinking he had a chance to win in '92, when really he had no chance
--]and was sucking votes from Bush Sr. At one point Perot had a shot at
--]actually winning, so I don't consider him a "true" spoiler. But Nader was
--]a true, explicit, proud-of-it spoiler.

Nader is , not was, a true proud of it CANDIDATE. Your logic is so
basiclay fuxored as to make my spelling look sane. I guese in your terms
if any other baseball team plays against the Yankees theya re jsut "trying
to be true and proud spoilers"

ITs a Election, People make choices. If you cant handle loosing then might
i suggest the few remaining communist block countrys where your choices
are made for you. Act now and recive a free Mau MAu Bunta Dashiki for your
Sub Continent excursions.

--]And I didn't say Nader was "wrong" to do it.

How gracious of you.

--] I just made two points:
--]1. I don't think the "Gandhi would have approved" argument works.

Ghandi was apt to take a few slugs off his own urine tap every now and
again when not bagging on secretaries and writters. F Ghandi. He had some
great ideas but lived in a world of bungholios. Look at India today.

--]2. If the goal was to build support for the Greens, it may have backfired.

I think your still clinging to your golden boy a little too harshly there,
let him breath. If anything I have heard from MORE people nwo pissed off
at thier party. More and more folks are begingn to get the glimmer of a
whiff of a sometimes good idea that maybe, just maybe, there is a better

--]Unless you believe the Greens will one day get the White House, the House
--]of Representatives, and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, you
--]need to engage in politics to get political work done. Politics, the art
--]of the possible, involves compromise.

Yea, and your guys cant even do that right. Some little brown suited
comsumer advocate fucking tossed a you a salad , splattt. the two party
mambo got derailed because 3% of the nation said "FUck no we wont go

3% and the dream comes down like a 50 year old stripper taking her bra

--]Stop thinking of political compromise as knuckling under to evil, and
--]start thinking of it as learning to get along better with your spouse.

Bend over a little farther, you can almost see your toes. No dont worry,
that pain you feel is just the 10 inch moster flesh probe from the planet
STUPID comming to see if it can find any inteligent life in your anus. It
should be gone soon.

--]If you're not willing to do this, offer a scenario in which your approach
--]actually gets you up to 20% of the vote (Perot's record). And please note
--]that I'm talking about your tactics, not your political positions. If
--]Nader got 20% in '92, and Perot got 2% this year, I would have the same
--]questions for Perot supporters.

I got a way. Execute all the wonks, politicojocks and casper milk toast
thinkers who supported the current fiasco.

Theres a start.

Accept no compromise, be the best or be gone.

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