RE: Where in the world is Vinod Valloppillil?

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From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 08:13:47 PST

> > Vinod Valloppillil, who wrote the infamous Microsoft Halloween
> > document on Linux, has left the company for a startup. He joins Mark
> > Kuharich, Silverberg, Slivka, Jadallah, Paul Allen, Klein, Higgins,
> > Dunie, Peters, Murray, Ludwig, Reardon, Allard, Perlman, Neupert,
> > Shirish Nadkarni, Mike Mathieu, Steve Arnold, Raghav Kher, Jeff Lil,
> > Steve Murch, Hadi Partovi, Jeff Reifman, Rob Glaser, Naveen Jain,
> > Brent Frei, Karl Jacob, Bill Miller, Russ Siegelman, Jon Staenberg,
> > Kim Ellwanger and the Myhrvold brothers. Like rats fleeing a sinking
> > ship, the Redmond brain drain continues...

Hey, where's MY name? Jeez!!!

- joebar

(and yes, I really am still a joebar:

(hmm, maybe I left early enough to not count as a rat? :-)

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