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From: Zhang, Yangkun (Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 12:58:32 PST

> following amongst asians..just immigrated and first generation immigrants
> > are more likely to vote democratic than second and further generations.

I'm a first-gen, and I hate the Democrats. Incidentally, I got my
citizenship on Aug 2nd, just in time to vote.

During the last congressional election, I would have voted straight
Democratic (if I could've voted) because the Republicans really pissed me
off by trying to impeach Clinton (just because he's the president doesn't
mean he doesn't have the right to screw around). But since the WTO/Seattle
incident, and with Gore wanting to socialize health-care et all, and I had a
HARD knee-jerk reaction to the right. It's too bad for Gore, as if he didn't
run screaming to the left with all his class warfare rhetoric, I'd have
voted for him.

As for vote-splitting... I convinced my parents, as well as almost all my
friends (who all voted democratic the last time), to vote for Bush. I
myself, however, voted Libertarian. :-)

> I think its more than that. Getting a green card can be a fairly stressful
> process for a new arrival to the country, and reps *seem* to make more
> anti-immigration statements than dems...foe example, I'v heard more than

I think that Nader sounds like the most anti-immigrant person out there. I
remember one time watching him on CSPAN, at some college, and he sounded
like Buchanan, with his attacks on foreigners stealing Good American Jobs
(and of course, Evil Corporations helping out)--it was sickening. I turned
off the TV.

> Dosent mean nothing..I'm not convinced that the record displays that dems
> are better for immigrants than reps, but as in everything, its the

I don't know about Indians, but this Chinese-now-American would like to
extend my thanks to Nixon/Reagan/Bush for getting my family to the U.S. Bush
signed the bill that convert our F-1 visas to H-1s, thus allowing us to

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