RE: "New Age Racists"? (was Re: leftist bullies)

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From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 14:48:15 PST

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Lisa Dusseault wrote:

> Although the China Post article had some things to complain about, this
> criticism of the article had even more.

You mean the protesters' positions that I was including by reference? Or
my questioning whether the term "racist" applies?
> Now Matt, you may be well aware of the economic principles that prove the
> peace/justice groups to be misguided. You didn't say if they were right or
> wrong, but your email implied that they were at least trying to do the right
> thing.

Bingo. Thanks for noticing that I was not judging the merits of anyone's
economic theory. I was only judging the merits of the racism claim.

> Personally I've never argued that they were racist, but it's not hard to see
> racism if you're Chinese, and continually told that Americans are looking
> out for your best interests (we know what's best for you), and also that
> American jobs must be protected from Chinese workers. I assume a country
> unused to the press freedoms we have here would see these arguments as all
> coming from Americans thus presenting one monolithic almagamated position.
> If that were the case, the position Americans seem to hold would be so
> inconsistent as to be explicable only through invoking something like
> racism.

I wasn't responding to Lim Say Boon or his Chinese readers, but to
Yangkun, who posted the article. Yangkun then said (correct me if I'm
wrong) that he views the protesters as "EXTREMELY RACIST!", and yet
Yangkun seems to have access to a range of media and informed discussion.
I was asking him to rationalize his claim, but I don't feel that he did.

-Matt Jensen

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