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From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 23:28:26 PST

Well, it ain't shakespeare, but my SO did an impromptu rendering of Al/W as
Beavis/Butthead last night. I can't do it justice but...

Butthead Al: Whoa. Did I like, not lose or something?

Beavis W: I am president! I'm president! Heh-heh! Heh-heh! I am

Butthead Al: Shut up, Beavis. You're not president. They hafta count the

Beavis W: Yes I am! I am president! Heh-heh! Heh-heh!

Butthead Al: You're not president, dumb-ass. They didn't vote for you,
they voted for me.

Beavis W: Heh-heh! They voted for me! Machine counting is cool!

Butthead Al: Machine counting sucks, Beavis. The pregnant chads aren't

Beavis W: Shut up Butthead! What do you mean -- pregnant! Heh-heh. How
can chads be pregnant! Heh-heh. You said pregnant! Heh-heh. I need no
pregnant chads. I am president!

Butthead Al: Settle down, beavis.

Beavis W: Are you threatening me?? I am Cornholio! I mean, I am
president! I am the great president Bush! I need Florida for my bunghole!

-- Lisa
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> Ya think we might have a good shaksperian/war of the roses power play
> going on? Does this mean the gore kids get locked in a high castle or GW
> runs around yelling " ay horsey aya horsey, god dang weres my horsey"
> whilst gore stands woodenly looking into the camera monotoning " now is
> the winter of our misrecount made uprorious summer by this son of texas"
> If only. What we will get is more whine and grime.
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