Re: White Sound (was Re: "New Age Racists"?)

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Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 20:30:12 PST

> In a message dated 11/29/00 5:28:49 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> a pedantic cuts and pastes:

Hmmmmm. So when somebody gives a new meaning to a word that I thought I
knew the meaning of, and I cut and paste from a dictionary to demonstrate
that the word doesn't really have this new meaning, I'm being "pedantic".

> how f*cked up is that? "we're the sticky party!" so reform
> to a conservative means something like, metaphorically,
> exchanging a rolex for a patek?
> (90's: liberals try to shed their tax-&-spend reputations
> and describe themselves as "socially liberal but fiscally
> conservative." new millennium: conservatives try to spin
> their rapacious selfishness 180 degrees with the buzzword
> "compassion." words so hollow you can climb right in and tune
> everything else out.)

Unfortunately, I don't have a thick skin. Never have. Probably never
will. So, before I say something I'll regret (though perhaps I already
have), I'm going to bow out.

Have a nice night, all...


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