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From: Bill Humphries (bill@whump.com)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 22:03:07 PST

It beats herbal Viagra, Britney nude, and 1,000,000 fresh email addresses...

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>Subject: Conspiracy Digest: How Bush Family Plotted Fraud
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> In a bombshell story the Bush Family is trying to
>suppress, Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy (Ret) reveals
>how the Bush Family plotted fraud after fraud after
>fraud during the Iran-Contra era.
> This exclusive investigative report,
>"Double-Crossed: Black Ops, Beltway Bandits and the US
>Shadow Government," by Uri Dowbenko is available at
>Conspiracy Digest online
> "What would you do if Ollie North and his covert
>Iran-Contra network owed you$200,000?" the article
>begins. "All things considered, you might have better
>luck collecting from the Gambino or Colombo Family,
>the New York based mob syndicates. At least they claim
>to be men of honor."
> "And that's Al Martin's dilemma. He's been placed
>in what he calls the 'jack box,' the untenable
>position of being owed money by an illegal black ops
>network of Iran-Contra players. This outfit includes
>military and intel officers, governmentbureaucrats,
>and "beltway bandits," fraudsters and so-called
>"consultants" who feed at the trough of corrupt
>Washington politics and dirty deals. In short, Al
>Martin has been double-crossed."
> Because of his failing health, Al Martin has
>decided to go public and tell the whole story of the
>Iran Contra Conspiracy.
> This provocative and highly controversial article
>details some of the various frauds committed by Bush
>Family members, including real estate fraud,
>securities fraud and banking fraud.
> Al Martin tells the whole story of explosive
>allegations and insider crimes and coverups in his new
>memoir, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra
>Insider," available at the Al Martin Raw website.
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