RE: "New Age Racists"?

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 08:24:58 PST

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]policies are flawed. But to argue that they are "racist" is not only to
--]misuse a word, but to charge well-meaning people with having an evil
--]intent, using an emotionally-charged, denigrating term. That's just wrong.

And here it is folks, the crux of the problem . You are afixung terms like
GOod and EVil to an ism. WORDS are neihter good nor eveil in

Actions taken havbe outcomes which may be good or evil.

Nouns are...Verbs become

Words have a meaning , and far from the Scaleiaizing of them I am simply
saying that words can not and should not be "judged" or "tainted" with
moral valuations. These valuations are at best relative to the judge and
at worst an attempt to newssepeak the language with emotive politicing.

Raceism is the thought that decison can and/or should be based on race.
To taint the word with the murk of hand wringing emotion and soul binding
moralism does nothing to get at the root of the issue, that being deciding
issues by race, and does much to continue on the long morass of finger
pointing and winged angles of justice protectionism.


If I decide to give a large some of money to a college fund that only
benifits one race of people, have i done good or evil?

If some one points a large caliber wepon at another persons head and
decides to let loose a slug or two of destucive velocity into that said
head, and the reason the person was doing this was becuase of the others
race is this good or evil?

I run a large dance company. We dance to celebrate a cultural and
historical slice of our globe. I only allow dancers of a certian race
into the compnay. Is this good or evil?

I am a filmaker. I make a film about my growing up and influences. All the
people I interview are of the same race? good or evil?

All these acts are based on race. they are by race based decisions, hence

Why do you cringe from the word? Why do you left the valuations of others
desturt the language you use?

Language is a cloth , it covers you to show the world the image you wish
to show, it enhances that which you wish to show off and jackets that
which you would rather not. It is woven of words, words that have meaning.

Why spill the coffe stained muck of emotiona nd judgmentalsim on all the
threads of your language?

With language you can weave a rich tapestry of your soul or become just
another slogan riddled t shirt that shrinks in the first washing leavinng
most of your belly exposued.


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