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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 10:34:56 PST

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Jim Whitehead wrote:

--]I'm curious -- for FoRKs who areinvolved in Engineering of some form
--](hardware, software, etc.)what is your opinion on the use/value of
--]maintaining an engineering lab notebook?

As you can imagine working for a consulkting firm that works for the .gov
has some interesting views.One is the crusty dusty beg metal age
methodologies that reek of, far more than republicans ever will,

There are people here who do nothing but make marks on paper that will
never be seen. they have procuedures and laws requiring and regarding the
documentatiopn of each and every aspect of a project.

to call it mind numbing is to lighten it image. It is paralysis of the
most intense form.

I kid you not whenI say there are folks whos skill bases is roughly 10 to
20 years out of date becuase they are locked into ways of doing things
because, well becuase thats how they were done then and by dangit thats
how they will be done now.

I use some varition of egroups/zope/squishdot for my notations. I try
to encapsulate the projet notes into the project. They are
all on the intranet for all to see and fully searchable. This is the only
way my mind can encompass notes. I dont write them so much as they are c
and p jobs on the places I learned or stole the methods and code im using.

I date most things, sometimes.

I have found them to be usefull.

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