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From: Sally Khudairi (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 17:59:13 PST

Lisa, you may want to try Francisca Pulido's "Indonesian Cuisine". I don't
own the book, but it was recommended to me when I was in Amsterdam this past
May. Details and ordering instructions follow:

>I just published a great cookbook called "Indonesian Cuisine"
>160 pages, full color, hardcover. $29.95 at all bookstores,
> or by calling us at 602-991-9080 ext 558 or in
>the USA at 888-626-0944 ext 558.

Good luck :-)

- Sally

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Subject: Stick a FoRK in some beef rendang

>As a handy community including international folks, well-travelled folks,
>and folks who are known to like hot food (too bad I never got to take you
>Dixie's BBQ in Seattle, Jeff Bone), I appeal to you, FoRKers. Can
>recommend a good Indonesian food cookbook? Or Asian food cookbook that
>covers specific regions accurately including Indonesia (since I could also
>use some Singaporean and Malaysian recipes, though I already have southern
>indian and thai cuisine somewhat covered)?


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