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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 12:05:53 PST

--]W2K SP1
--]O2K SP1
--]IE 5.5
--]Adobe Acrobat
--]Norton Anti-Virus
--]XML Spy

For a good alternative to OS2k thats semifree try

Other warez i would add to the list

NewbinPro For usenet fishing that is amazingly bountiful
Zope For web goodness and server fun
GIMP Sure its a ver or two behind the *nix
              package, but it still rocks
DreamWeaver If you have to colab on web pages then this
             is the tool (the UltraDev ver gets two thumbs up)
OPera Still my fave gui browser
NoteTab THe text editor on steriods
Lynx For text browsing( i wish Links had a win port)
FLask Turns DVDs into cd sized niggets of goodness
ZoneAlarm The amazingly usefull watchdog/mini firewall app

Things I would avoid REAL Real player real center real real real
fucking pains in my ass. Fuck em , Uninstall and ad on the winzip real
plugin. On rare occasion do I get a use for Real Plaeyer, then i bite the
bullet long enough to view and unistall or Convert the file fomrat.

Good calls on Web washer (which is on every machine i touch as is ZOne
Alarm) and winamp. With winamp Older version are sometimes more deisirable
than newer.

      /"\ [---=== WSMF ----]
      \ /
       X ASCII Ribbon Campaign
      / \ Against HTML Mail

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