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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 08:44:26 PST

I got this from you:
> Damien Morton writes:
> > W2K is actually good. Definately a hard act to follow for the opensource
> > movement. Its not free, but it is good.
> It's pretty good, apart from the fact that if it's broken, you can't
> fix it. (And it's broken in a number of places). And you're not
> allowed to modify it and give it to your friends.
Actually, from a user experirnce I found it worse than NT..way more resource
hungry with no clear additional value at the workstation level(server may be
different..I havent tried w2k server)..and I dont like some of the user
interface the changing-on-me menus for example.

Those who havent tried KDE 2.0.1 ought to try it. Nice new web browser-
Konquerer.. with easy window splitting and nice cookie management, supporting
netscape plugins, java, and SSL(as one would expect)...bookmarks are now desktop
wide and support netscape has a pseudo protocol feature which
lets you define say dict:pontificate as a dictionary search on websters
online for pontificate..i.e. custom internet keywords,
the web browser is also the file manager(a
feature which was there in kde1.0(before win98!) too, and
lots of user interface simplifications..lots of small stuff which made
using it a very pleasing experience.
The terminal window can act as a tabbed window manager for shells.
The desktop is scriptable from xml-rpc, and the clipboard can recognize
regular expressions in selections to which the user can bind actions..for example when a url is selected a popup from the panel allows opening it in
browsers and whatever else you wish, for example the ability to modify it..

Lotsa other small stuff, it was quite a pleasure...

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