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From: Damien Morton (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 12:25:20 PST

> From:
> Damien Morton writes:
> > W2K is actually good. Definately a hard act to follow for
> the opensource
> > movement. Its not free, but it is good.
> It's pretty good, apart from the fact that if it's broken, you can't
> fix it. (And it's broken in a number of places). And you're not
> allowed to modify it and give it to your friends.

Like I said, its not free - as in beer or as in speech. Im aware of the

> And frankly, there are nuggets of yummy goodness buried inside such as
> DES instead of 3DES, and "phone home option" and fed back doors and
> you name it. I would give you a long list, but I have better things to
> do with my time.

Ayup, its not free. I notice that Nautilus is planning many of the same
kinds of phone hime features. It may well be a necessity for consumer level
OSs of the future.

Im not really concerned about fed back doors or strong cryptography. My life
is open source :) If I was concerned about hiding information, Id use a
different OS.

The point at which I will stop using windows is either when open source OSs
get ubiquitous and easy to use enough, or when various controling hooks
start getting put into it on behalf of the RIAA or MPAA or other
organisations. Either of those conditions may get triggered in the next few

> > Hardware-wise I couldnt live without a dual screen setup Frankly I
> > dont know how I ever lived without it before.
> Multiheaded operation is nothing very new.

Yeah, its been available on the Mac for years. Im just happy to have it on
my PC today.

> > Outlook is a beast I have come to depend on - I could live
> with another
> You're the first person I hear saying nice things about Outlook.

(re-reads his own text) did I say something nice? I have come to depend on
it, mainly because of its deep integration into the OS and because of its
collaboration possibilities. Apart from Lotus, which is a similar beast, its
hard to dredge up viable alternatives. Outlook is a beast. Its slow and
resource hungry and utterly dependant on exchange.

> > IE simply is the best browser Im aware of - I could live
> with another
> The web is very, very sick. Dying, actually. Welcome to the
> Balcan. There are no "best" browsers around -- as they're all
> fucked. This having said, I'm waiting for Opera 5.0 for Linux as well
> as Mozilla 1.0.
> Notice that of the list of software you can't live without the bulk is
> available for OpenSource OSses.

Yeah youre probably right. It woudnt interoperate with 90% of the people I
know and work with, but I would be able to do much of what I personally
wanted to do on an open-source OS.

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