Re: Cell phones of death!

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From: Tony Finch (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 15:54:42 PST

Tom Whore <> wrote:
>Cars and diet kill more people each year than guns. of course its hip to
>be weepy eyed about "guns" and not about the actual death and destruction.

I don't much like cars either.

The thing about guns is not so much the magnitude of the killing, but
more the fact that there is no compensatory benefit as there is for cars.
Their only purpose is evil. Also, unlike cancer it's easy to legislate
the problem out of existence.

The last time guns were an issue in the UK (after some hed case shot
several people in a school) the result was that after a few months
handguns were banned outright. The only people who could get
legitimately upset about it were those into shooting as a sport but
nobody really cared about that since we're all crap at sport anyway.


"Plan 9 deals with the resurrection of the dead."

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