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That said, the posting is mainly about a Wall Street Journal article
detailing an airline crackdown on the practice. I find the crackdown
reprehensible, because as much as the airlines have a right to set up ANY
restrictions they want they think they can market, they also have an
obligation to sell those exact products, no more or less.

I don't have any theoretical explanation at hand, as an economist, that
justifies wiring 'intent' into a commercial transaction.

That said, there may be some value in buying pairs on competing airlines.
At least that way you can nab 'em on RICO if they get in your way.


At 09:12 AM 10/10/97 -0400, wrote:
>I'm the travel manager for my company and have been investigating the
>legal/ethical/policy issues related to back-to-back ticketing. While
>searching the Internet, I came across a website entitled "FoRK Archive:
>Ethics of back-to-back ticketing", which listed your name and email
>address. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get into this website for
>the past few days.
>I was wondering whether you can provide me with the information, or perhaps
>give me some direction as to where I can find additional information. I'm
>fairly familiar with the issue, but am trying to gather as much information
>and as many viewpoints as possible.
>I'd appreciate any help or direction you can give me. Thanks.
>Dave Reyher
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