Re: Bounce, bounce, bounce...

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:09:14 -0700

Robert S. Thau (by way of Rohit Khare ) wrote:
> I've been trying to get email to you, but it keeps bouncing. So, I
> thought I'd append a "where are you" to a Fork post... and it
> bounced. Sorry I missed you this weekend at Redbones... but I got in
> late that evening, and dinner was probably over by the time I got the
> message. The Fork post, btw, follows, for what it's worth:

Robert -- its a shame. You missed some great ribs, some great beer,
and the sight of Rohit nearly wetting himself watching South Park (of
course half a bottle of scotch would make anything funny).

> (Nor is this the only reason to worry about installing IE 4.0, BTW;
> there are also reports of IE 4.0 installs completely zorching
> peoples' machines. But that's a whole different kettle of scrod).

I would just like to add my $.02 here. I downloaded it the first day
it was available (or at least tried) - it took forever on a 33.6 and
kept stopping and telling me to try to resume later. After I got it, I
installed it, it choked 75% through, then finished. I rebooted, it
told me it couldn't load explorer.exe, "you must reinstall Windows".
What kind of shit is that?!? I reinstalled 95, restarted, same thing.
Deleted Win95 entirely, reinstalled, reinstalled all my other software
(because now I'm short a few dlls drvs, inis, etc) and everythings
fine. My boss got IE4 on CD, installed it fine, his PC didn't crash.
So I tried it. My PC started running slow as dirt, no matter what was
open. After two system hangs yesterday, and one full crash (windows
caused fatal exception in xxxxx.vxd) from which I could only hard
boot. I gave up, uninstalled it (took 10 minutes and 2 reboots to
uninstall) and went happily back to Netscape, upon which I type this
venting little missive. I would seriously warn anyone who's
considering it, to think twice.