Sunday Nights, Grad School

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 18:05:34 -0800

Ah Rohit,

> One was this gorgeous Indian chick in a black miniskirt, strappy
> platforms and a silk army camouflage halter top (I don't know what
> they call it -- with the knot in front and all). Anyway, I was
They call it the Phoolan Devi look, which if you know
the background might just improve your chances one way
or the other.

Facing a hostile advisor, the possiblity of an all-nighter,
and a Monday AM deadline, I have to ask, what type of person
would want to go back to grad school?

We have this grocery store by my house called Ralph's.
Some of your know me, I am a big computer privacy advocate.
I go into the Ralph's grocery store here to buy some
hamburger buns and milk and orange juice. They have
this high pressure campaign to make you sign up for
Club cards when you walk in, I don't feel like explaining
my philosophical views about how people should be able
to buy groceries anonymously and that that by keeping
track of people's purchases is unethical so I blow
the blonde bimbo off and keep walking. I grab 4 items
and go up to the fast checkout counter and the woman
ringing me up does another hard sell and goes through
a scripted routine, "Oh? You don't have your Club card?
Here, you can use mine!" She rings me up and saves me
a lousy fifteen cents. Now I have to explain to the
person behind the counter that my ability for them
not to know my gender, home address, age, tax bracket
and a million other things is not a precondition to buy
a stupid carton of milk. I am going to have to start shopping
at gas stations now before they start tracking
the calories.

Here is a book to add to the FoRK archive. 'The Sovereign Individual'
by James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg. They have a good
track record by predicting such things as the fall of communism,
the US S&L crash, and the real estate bust in Tokyo. Their current
pinnings? The effect of information technology and cybercash on
the markets and governments around the world including the inability
of central banks to regulate, inflate, and control the money supply around the


p.s. Get to work!!