Re: Sunday Nights, Grad School

CobraBoy! (
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 21:31:10 -0800

Gregory Alan Bolcer about 6:05 PM -0800 on 10/26/97, rang the bell of
illumination with this:

> Ah Rohit,
> > One was this gorgeous Indian chick in a black miniskirt, strappy
> > platforms and a silk army camouflage halter top (I don't know what
> > they call it -- with the knot in front and all). Anyway, I was
> They call it the Phoolan Devi look, which if you know
> the background might just improve your chances one way
> or the other.
> Now I have to explain to the
> person behind the counter that my ability for them
> not to know my gender, home address, age, tax bracket
> and a million other things is not a precondition to buy
> a stupid carton of milk. I am going to have to start shopping
> at gas stations now before they start tracking
> the calories.

Yeah, this REALLY pisses me off also. Now a days you go to the store and
they have Banana's on sale and you have to have this stupid card to buy
whatever it is on sale.



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