Re: Senate nixes laptops on floor ( (fwd)

Jay Thomas (
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 13:26:44 +0000

spunkanado wrote:
> Two questions come to mind, why make the place less than it can be
> information wise (I know there are many answers that point to the growing
> LCD of intelligence creeeping cross everything) and do they include palm
> pilots with rochocete in this?

Tom, long time no hear. Good to see you back again. Remember, these
are the same lovely, open-minded, forward-thinking folks who brought
us the CDA.

> "I am relatively certain that if you stay there late at night and it
> is really quiet, you can still hear the debates from the past century
> that have gone on there," he said. "The floor is really steeped in
> tradition. But I don't think that a laptop computer I use to take
> notes is going to destroy the Senate any more than the switch from
> quill pens to ballpoints."

No,no,no. They are trying to keep us safe. They realize how scary and
dangerous these new-fangled computer thingies can be. They make you
look at porno! The shame is, we elected these goobers.