McNealey, mail bomb Gates

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Fri, 7 Nov 1997 08:50:52 -0800

McNealey Asks Others To Flood Gates' Mailbox
[7:50PM] Speaking at his company's International Internet
Associate Conference in Berlin, Germany, Sun
Microsystems' chief
executive Scott McNealey propelled against Bill Gates,
urging the
3,000 people in attendance to begin flooding Gates'
email box with
protest messages. "Flood his mailbox -- say that you
want 100
percent pure Java," McNealy said, provoking the
industry to show
support for Java capability. The Sun chief also
pressed for software
developers to stop using Java development tools from
Instead, McNealey invited them to use products provided by
Borland, Symantec, or his own company, Sun.
New York Times Article


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