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What do you get when you run your company into the ground?

another chance...

Reports Points To McCracken As Top Candidate
[9:15AM] According to several unconfirmed reports, and a
corresponding story coming out of a San Francisco
station, ex-Silicon Graphics chief executive officer
and chairman Ed
McCraken has become the front runner for the number
one position
at Apple Computer. The news station, citing sources
close to the
executive staff in Cupertino, said that McCraken has
been eyed by
the Apple board of directors since his departure from
SGI. Just over
one week ago, McCraken resigned from the troubled high-end
workstation maker, amidst falling revenue, a
disappointing earnings
report, and the imminent announcement of a
restructuring at the
company, which will result in nearly 1,000 job cuts.
Things weren't
always so bad for the McCraken-ran SGI, however, as
some of the
company's best years were under his regime. He joined the
Mountain View, Calif.-based firm as chief executive in
following a stint at Hewlett-Packard, and rode the
company into
prominence in the early 1990's.


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