man, oh man, star alliance rocks

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 00:22:03 -0800

This was BURIED away, but... just imagine:

Fly with Five

SAS EuroBonus members who fly with all five airlines in the Star
Alliance at least once between Sept. 15 and Dec. 15, will earn five
free bonus trips for two people. One trip will be awarded with each
airline: SAS, Air Canada, Lufthansa, United and Thai. You must
register for the promotion by filling out a "Fly with 5" enrolment
form found on the EuroBonus pages at the SAS Web site,, or
phone (46) 8 797 2072, to have it sent. Save your tickets and boarding
passes from the five airlines during the promotional period.


for just about $3000, you can get a coach round the world ticket and TEN
more international tickets -- that's up to 30 international flights!

Probably even more. Holy Shit. Man, where's that Japanese consulting work
when ya need it? :-)



Terms and Conditions

1) This offer is open to all members in SAS EuroBonus, excluding
employees in the SAS Group.

2) To qualify for this offer, members will need to book and take at
least one flight with each of the five of the Star Alliance airlines
Air Canada, THAI, Lufthansa, SAS and United Airlines, denoted the
"Star Alliance airlines". The flights have to be completed during the
period 15 September - 15 December 1997.

3) Qualifying flights are only those operated by a Star Alliance airline
aircraft. Flights based on discounted tickets such as Industry
Discount, standby tickets, group discount tickets, charter tickets
and tickets for bonus travel will not be eligible for the offer. SAS
reserves the right to verify the eligibility of the tickets.

4) Applications must be made on this Promotion Application Form for the
offer. Together with the application form, the members must present
the original ticket (passenger receipt) for the qualifying sectors,
or photocopy, accompanied by the original boarding cards for each
flight. Original ticket and boarding cards will be returned to the
members by February 1998.

5) Proof of posting of the application form will not be accepted as a
proof of delivery. No responsibility can be accepted for
applications, tickets or documentation that are delayed in the post.
Applications which are illegible, defective or incorrectly completed
will not be accepted.

6) Applications for this offer must be received by SAS by 15 January
1998 at the following address: Star Alliance Free Tickets, SAS
EuroBonus/STONJ, 195 87 STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Please allow adequate time
for the application to arrive by the 15 January 1998 deadline

7) Members who apply correctly will receive a free return ticket for two
persons in Economy Class with each of the Star Alliance airlines. The
free return ticket includes one trip (maximum four coupons) per
passenger with each airline and the two persons must travel together
throughout the journey. Outside the specific conditions for this
offer, the free tickets are considered as normal bonus travel. This
offer will follow the same conditions as for bonus travel with SAS
EuroBonus, as shown in the SAS EuroBonus Membership Guide.

8) Travel must be completed within the period of 15 March 1998 - 1 May
1999. First booking date will be advised by 10 February 1998.

9) Members who apply correctly will be informed by SAS EuroBonus by 10
February 1998.

10) Applications are restricted to one per household.

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