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Tue, 11 Nov 1997 08:09:53 -0700

At 7:55 AM -0800 11/11/97, CobraBoy! wrote:
>So I'm going to weigh in here with my take on the Think Different ad's. For
>the most part I don't like them. I like the campaign, as far as selling
>computers goes it isn't anywhere near the Compaq ads, but it is heads and
>tails better than anything Apple did before, and certainly blows the
>stupid, Where do you want to go today?
>huh? I guess the answer is "home, if this stupid Word doc would
>print/save/stop crashing my machine."
>Anyway I digress, the problem with the Think Different ad's is they totally
>lack sex appeal. Which as we all know sells anything. Looking at a
>billboard of Ghandi makes me want to puke. I'm sorry. It's sickening. Yeah,
>yeah he was a great man, that isn't the point. Let's review a recent .sig
>of mine.
>The eyes are the whores of the senses,
>they'll go to anything. ...Keith Richards
>And my ho's don't want to see a 85 pound man.
>So what do I offer? Well unfortunately I can't claim credit for this. BUT
>if Apple/Chait had a clue, they could rack up some serious bonus points
>with this plastered all over.

And this has what sex appeal???

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