Re: *** Newspaper says Los Angeles financial stability in threat

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 12:25:50 -0800

> And how much better can OC be than LA county when OC has lovely Santa Ana?
> And aren't OC and LA county interdependent enough that you really don't want
> LA county going bankrupt?

The Orange County bankruptcy was the best thing for this county. It was
the best government reform with the least complaints ever. They had a
choice of wheither to trim services or raise taxes and over 70% of the
county voted to do away with the bloat. Makes a pseudo anarchist
like myself all teary eyed.

Also, I live on unincorporated county property so technically I live
in Santa Ana. We had a fire over the hill last year that was reported
as the top story on and they described our neighborhood
as 'rrrrritzy'. 8-)