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Steve Gehrman, <>

Company: B.C. Software Inc.
Job Title: Software Engineer
Location: Los Angeles, California
Status: full time

Job Description:
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B.C. Software is the maker of "Final Draft", the #1 screenwriting program
on the market. Final Draft runs on both Windows and Macintosh and is an
object-oriented program written in C++. We are seeking young and
motivated entry-level programmers to work on Final Draft and other
projects. If hired, you will be working in a fun atmosphere and since we
are rapidly growing there is plenty of room for job growth.

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C++, Windows (MFC) and/or Macintosh Toolbox (Powerplant) experience is a
prerequisite. Motivation and good teamwork skills are also required.
Please email resumes with salary history.

Contact: Steve Gehrman
E-mail: <>
Phone: (310) 635-4711
Fax: (310) 636-4688


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