FoRKBusters Up to 281!

CobraBoy! (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 09:36:47 -0800

This team is Team ID #1146

Current Ranking

Total blocks to search:

Total blocks checked:

Keyspace Exhausted:

Total keys checked:

8 Trillion
Time Working:

35 days
Overall Rate:

2651.39 kkeys/sec

3886 blocks were completed yesterday (
0.00000565% of the keyspace)
at a sustained rate of 12073

If you'd like to join our team, first get the latest client:

Next, there's this darn Team thing to figure out. Our team stats can be
obtained at this URL:


1) First, you need to start cracking. Don't worry, as you'll see later
you'll be able to assign all the blocks cracked to Team FoRKBusters. Just
download the client, launch it, and enter YOUR e-mail address. I don't
know how long it'll take to register on the Bovine stats web-site, so you
might have to try step 2 a few times.

2) Go to:


You'll notice a place to do a search based on an e-mail address under
"Individuals". Simply enter the same email address you've entered in the
client here and click the "Go" button.

3) You'll get a list that should only have your e-mail address listed.
Click on the correct address to get your stats page.

4) You should now be looking at a page with all of your stats, along with
a link on the bottom for sending you a password. By clicking that link a
password will be sent to the listed e-mail address.

5) Wait for the password to arrive in your e-mail. This only took a few
minutes for me.

6) Repeat steps two and three. When you get to your stats page you'll see
that you now have a place to enter your password next to a button labeled
"Edit Participant Information". Enter the password that was e-mailed to
you and click the button.

7) You will see a form that currently has two fields, one for your e-mail
address and another for your team affiliation. The current method is to
enter the team number. FoRKBusters is Team 1146.

8) Click the "Update Participant Information" button. You'll get
confirmation and you're done. :-)

Only blocks that haven't been previously assigned to a team will be
transferred, so be sure to enter the correct team number the first time.
This is to prevent internecine warfare over blocks as a commodity between
teams, which makes a lot of sense. However, if you're not currently a
member of a team, ALL previously unassigned blocks will be transferred,
so you can do this at any time during the progress of the cracking effort.

A final note on the new set-up: Yes, it seems a bit complex, but David
had a good reason for the switch. For one thing, this does allow people
to assign blocks already completed to a team. Another was they wanted to
give credit to a specific "winning" machine/individual, something that
get's tricky if the machine in question is using (to paraphrase David) a
dynamic IP on This also give you an opportunity to show off
your individual effort as a part of the team. Oh, and if you get the
correct key that cracks the secret RC5 64 message, you get US $1000.

Think of the FoRKBUsters partaay that would be held! So, Get Cracking!



We came, we cracked, we kicked ass!