Re: FoRKBusters Up to 281!

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 09:50:33 -0800

9) Sucker everybody else you know into joining our team too.

Based on our current stats, participation, and comparisons
of daily and overall top teams, it looks like we will
plateau out at about mid 40's with our current rate and
al things staying the same. Any other estimates?

Also, I feel so stupid. I finally bothered to move my
install client to my local disk instead of my mounted
directory (I don't know why I didn't think of this before, doh!)
and picked up and extra 30kkeys/sec.

[11/27/97 17:21:38 GMT] Total: 87 blocks 16:02:39.96 - [400586.76 keys/sec]

I'm still disappointed that my stupid Ultra2 doesn't crack keys as
fast as a P6/512k which from the stats looks like ~460kk/s.
There's got to be some way to tune the code.