Re: No Netscape Zone

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 19:18:01 -0800

> web based " gathering" sites taht actualy works like a real
> application, not just a set of pages help togther by hope.

I want in. Unfortunately, they wouldn't teach me the
secret handshake. Maybe it would help if I owned a PC.

> Games, as I hae had said on another list recently, has been paving the way
> for tech for years.
Most definitely. Xconq, Xpilots, Xtrek, etc definitely paved the way
for online gaming. When are all the workstation vendors going to
wake up and realize the only people buying the highest end PC's
are the gamers?

> So , who plays what on fork, aside from rsa cracking? :)
Let's see, I own Warcraft, Diablo, C&C Red Alert, Quake, Quake
Mission packs I & II, a whole bunch of Nintendo games that you
have to be sitting next to people and beer and chips to play despite all
my whinning to Nintendo to put some stupid PCMCIA devices in their
console. Usually when we get together for computer games we spend about
half the time debugging everyone's stupid network cards. Anyways
I can only play OpenGL Quake, SimCity and Scrabble on my SGI, despite
the fact that I keep whinning to all the stupid game companies that
a recompile from a R4300i to a R5000 chip isn't that big of a
difference. You would think they would have ported all the games
to it. As soon as they put the cable modem service in our area
next month, I think I may be playing much more deathmatch.