Re: Fresh meat! (newbies)

Clover Hodgson (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 18:17:49 -0800


>I'd like to invite one of my co-workers/friends to join the mailing list.
>He graduated from UCI in computer science and is currently finishing up on
>his masters at Cal State Long Beach. He's a very bright and funny guy and
>I think may have something to offer the group.
>He's a linux guru primarily and is currently my Perl coach. He spent quite
>a number of years working for Rockwell (I think) in the aerospace industry
>as a programmer. (I think he still has clearance.) ;-)
>Anyway, it's your list and I'm just lucky enough that you let me dwell
>here. So whatever you decide is fine with me. His name is Dave Crook and
>his email address is should my request be granted. ;-)

You know, RoRo, I didn't give you permission to post a private email I sent
to you. Does this or does it not violate a rule (better yet, an annoyance
or maybe a preference) that came out of the last big flame war we had here
not too too long ago? Just checking. And if it doesn't, then Dave has
been given a pretty lame introduction and probably one flocked with errors
cuz I really have no idea what the hell fuels him (other than Diet Coke),
so maybe Dave should just introduce himself... ;-)


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