Dec travel plans: DC, India, perhaps Boston

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 19:06:09 -0800

I'll be off to DC for IETF over next week; then India, if I can get
tickets. Otherwise, I may come up to Boston over Christmas; we'll
have a spare car since my Mom is already defintely going to India for
some statistics conferences.

Wiley Post (LAX), Dulles, Heathrow, Delhi, Banaras, Lucknow, Delhi,
Bombay, Nagpur, Calcutta, Delhi, Heathrow, Dulles, O'Hare, John Wayne
(or something like that...)

The India tickets will really annoy me, since they're full fare coach
on United's RTW flights, but they're listed as Air-India flt #s, so I
neither get the 36,000 miles I'd expect, nor the right to upgrade :-(

And after this, most likely Jan 6-8 in Monterey, Feb 19 or so in New
Orleans, perhaps London/Tokyo over Spring Break in March, Brisbane in
April 13-18.

Adam, can you pick me up in OC this weekend ; we'll hang out together;
and you drop me off at LAX?

Rohit Khare

Depart SUNDAY DEC 7th
#54 9:55pm ar 5:31AM LAX-IAD nonstop
(arrive Monday, Dad drives into DC for IETF-40 @ Omni Shoreham, bunk w/JimW)

#1524 1:20pm via Chicago ar 2:16 #303 3:35pm ar 5:45 SNA
(NO availability on Sunday into LAX or BUR)

$1418.51 equivalent for 25,000 miles

Within that, I'll be trying to go to India 14th-31st.