Re: AST Computers for FoRKBusters

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 02:06:45 -0800

> > Currently *not* working on finding a job or getting various papers done so
> > I can leave this place...
> Cornell didn't accept me for graduate school; I was going to
> scan in all my rejection letters and put them off of my WWW
> page after I graduated in sort of a 'Wall of Shame', 'Look Who Is
> Laughing Now' type of thing, but the urge has kind of left me.

Hah! That's nothing, Greg!

I've been rejected by:

Berkeley (twice)
Stanford (second time, an *unsolicited* rejection letter!)
MIT Lab for Comp Sci (twice, almost thrice)
MIT Media Lab
UI Urbana-Champaign (no response)
University of Washington

UCI has *such* good taste :-)

The only employer who took me to final rounds and resisted the temptation was
Boston Consulting Group -- they got Ernie as a consolation prize :-)